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Pennsylvania is a “no-fault divorce” state.  In Pennsylvania, neither party must prove the other person did anything wrong to get divorced, and more importantly, the court will not consider any “wrong-doing” when it divides the parties’ property.  Parties can still choose to purse the divorce on fault grounds, (like abuse, infidelity, etc.); however, because finding either person “at-fault” does not change the final financial result, it is not a path that parties in Pennsylvania pursue.

Consent Divorce:  In a “no-fault” divorce, both parties can consent to the divorce after a 90-day cooling off period starting from the date the divorce complaint is served on the defendant to the divorce.  If the parties do not have any financial or property claims they need to resolve, then the court can enter a final decree shortly after both parties sign a consent to the divorce.

One-year Separation:  After the parties are separated for one year, either party can sign an Affidavit proving/stating the fact of separation, and then the court can approve the grounds for the divorce, but a final decree establishing the divorce will not be entered unless/until the financial aspects of the case have been resolved.

Divorce Process:  The divorce process involves changing your marital status, but also involves addressing the financial aspects of your marriage, by identifying, valuing, and distributing marital assets through the court process or settlement.  Read more about equitable distribution.

While working with Susan you will identify and value marital assets through the discovery process and with Susan’s guidance, you will divide those assets though the equitable distribution process either by agreement or by seeking court intervention.


Pennsylvania is a “no-fault divorce” state.

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Equitable Distribution

Pennsylvania divides assets equitably not equally

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There are two categories of custody: physical and legal

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Child Support

Child Support is given to the custodial parent.

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Spousal Support/APL

Spousal Support is paid while separated but still married.

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Alimony is support received after a divorce is final.

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