About the Firm

Dependable. Trustworthy. Loyal.

About the Firm

Gibson Family Law was founded on the principle that while the divorce process can be difficult, it can also be transformative and empowering.  Our firm believes that you can come out of this process a more authentic and empowered version of yourself.  We work diligently to develop and maintain collaborative relationships with our clients who are facing these transitions.  We provide clients with the support, guidance, and advocacy they need to improve their post-divorce or separation lives. Importantly, we arm our clients with the knowledge they need to regain a sense of control over their lives and their future.

Susan patiently counsels and educates her clients about every step of the legal process and the options that are available so that every client fully understands how their decisions will impact their lives.  By working with Susan, you will have a better sense of control and security about your future as you navigate some of the most challenging times of your life.

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Amazing Lawyer

Ms. Gibson is an amazing lawyer from the first consultation to trial. She will walk you through all aspects of the process and prepares for court like your case is the most important one on her docket. I believe she is honest with her clients and I appreciated that. She is tactical and knowledgeable during trial and in my case better prepared than the opposition.