Our firm offers our clients three levels of service:

  1. Coaching and Advice Only
    Attorney coaches the client on specified issues as requested. Client is responsible to move the case forward and file documents on time. Includes legal research, document review and drafting 
    plus limited contact with specified others, such as opposing party or attorney.
  2. Courtroom Only
    Full legal representation limited to a single specified courtroom issue or event. Includes coaching related to the appearance and contact with opposing party or attorney as specified. 
  3. Full Representation
    The traditional attorney-client representation where the attorney takes responsibility to move the case forward for all issues.

If a case becomes so complex that it needs more professional management, a client who begins in a limited mode can always switch to the traditional full representation.

There is a small fee of  $75 for a 45 minute consultation at the attorney’s office and on the phone.  Flat-fee and limited scope representation options are available to make legal fees more predictable and affordable for you.

*Court filing fees and costs are not included in attorney’s fee.